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Attending a meeting and knowing everything that was discussed? Watching a movie and understanding the plot — without bugging your spouse? Once you restore your hearing you'll quickly notice many positive things. These are called "AHA!" moments and they're what Advantage Hearing & Audiology specializes in. In fact, a much richer, rewarding life through better hearing is waiting for you, so call us today. No question is too simple or too complex, the important thing is that you take the important first step and talk to us.

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Whether you want information about hearing loss, a hearing screening or hearing test, evaluation, and consultation, a hearing aid listening demonstration, help with a hearing aid repair, a loop system installation, custom earplugs and headphones, or most other forms of hearing treatment, Advantage Hearing & Audiology is the right practice for you!

If you're looking for a hearing device, we carry most makes and models, including the popular behind-the-ear (BTEs) and invisible in-the-ear (IIC or CIC) models. As an independent practice, we will provide you with the best product to fit your hearing loss. We work with most major manufacturers of digital hearing aids, including Phonak, Oticon, Siemens, Widex, and many more.

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